We bring Transparency and Integrity back to the Donation Space

Simply Give uses customizable blockchain solutions to provide complete transparency.

Whether your client simply wants a secure transaction or wants to see who their money helps, Simply Give has you covered.

While Insuring your Clients’ Identities and Transaction Data are Protected

Simply Give utilizes blockchain technology to make sure transaction and client information remains secure at all times.

Simply Give allows you to leverage this emerging technology to create a safe and secure environment for transactions and the identity of your clients. This ledger can never be altered or changed, giving you peace of mind.

Bullion – Crypto – Fiat Services

Simply Give offers safe, secure services for your digital and precious metal assets.

  • Convert cryptocurrencies to physical precious metals and vice versa
  • Convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and vice versa
  • Store, move, and manage your precious metals

Cold Storage Services

Make sure your digital assets are protected while still being easily accessible.

Simply Give provides safe cold storage options beyond simple solutions that may be lost or destroyed, compromising your investments.

Simply Give maintains cold storage ledgers in 10 secure locations worldwide, mitigating exposures and vulnerabilities found in other storage options.