Simply Give offers the first full-service transaction platform for the donation, retail and ecommerce community:

  • Ease and convenience: You can access our customer service 24/7 from design and implementation, to utilizing your platform daily. Our easy to use CRM interface allows you to make changes to the platform on your schedule.
  • Customer Service expertise: You can draw upon our expertise while selecting from our various customization options. Simply Give can help you with design, implementation and functionality.
  • Safety and security: We offer a 501(c) compliant platform, which means your money and transaction data will never be access or stored by Simply Give.

Kyle Solomon


Kyle began his career in the semiconductor industry following obtaining a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering. Kyle acquired early and extensive experience in embedded architectures while also facilitating high-technology sales and technical integration engagement cycles between OEM customers on behalf of prominent semiconductor manufacturers (including Intel Corp, Sony, Analog Devices, Marvell and Cypress). Kyle departed the semiconductor industry with 5 years experience to found Adosia. Today Kyle has evolved into an extremely adept software and hardware engineer, and continuously strives to expand in both breadth and depth in regards to engineering disciplines and personal capabilities.

Zachary Reece

CEO & Co-Founder

Zachary Reece is the Managing Partner of BlockTrade Investments. The only SEC and FINRA Compliant Fund in the Industry. He also serves as the CEO of Carolina Investments. Zachary's background came from both the tech industry, as well as the finance world. Zachary started as a lead developer for a Fortune 500 Company. Having worked for major funds like Fidelity Investments , he has gained experience in managing a trading portfolio of over $200M for ultra high networth investor clients. After his project was acquired by another institution he turned his sights to finance. Becoming a Licensed Full Trader (Series 7 & 63 Licenses) in the process. After the SEC and FINRA took a defensive posture, Zachary left 'Traditional Trading' on the NYSE and committed full time to what he had traded for a decade. Since forming the 1st FINRA and SEC Compliant United States based Blockchain Investment Fund, he has worked on multiple ICO projects as an advisor, but welcomed the joint board proposition with ePropertyWealth to develop the world’s first true wealth management platform that will focus on maximum return on investment to the investor community, whilst reducing costs from all middlemen areas in the Property, banking and crypto trading activities.

Tatu Luuk

Development Manager, Co-founder

Tatu Luuk is the Managing Partner in Axis Mundi, Specializing in Blockchain Development. He has been involved in Charities since the age of 15, and has Extensive Experience in Construction Industry designing Energy Efficient Windows. Since then has been involved in building several Blockchains.

Mru Patel


A best-selling Author, having lived and worked in 4 continents, his skills and experience in IT, sales and marketing as a visionary to a fearless serial entrepreneur, public speaker and motivator. Mru has spoken at 100s of venues ranging from TEDx to World Political events as an Internationally recognised Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years in several sectors including Pubic sector, Technology, Finance, Property investments and development. He is a proud leader and visionary for open source movement with Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. Mru has consulted, worked with or worked for world renowned Fortune 500 companies. He has over 20 years of experience with several Blue Chip organizations such as IBM, Sun Microsystems (Oracle) and Siemens, as well as founding companies and investment funds in a variety of different industries.